Dancing Through History

Dancing is traveling across Canada


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Dancing is traveling across Canada

We share with you that the latest dance / travel / culture books, dancers, writers, or agencies. The actors spent years, and years travelling across Canada to learn the traditional dances of many different cultures. It’s a fascinating show references about dancers are head-over-heels for, and travellers interested in culture are finding absorbing.

Top Canadian Dance Agencies

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre
CCDT is a Toronto youth repertory company of gifted next-generation artists who train, perform, and tour in the same manner as do their adult colleagues.
(416) 924-5657
(416) 924-4141
509 Parliament St, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4X 1P3
Dance Classes Ottawa
Offering a variety of traditional dance classes such as Ballet and Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Jazz.. All ages and beginners welcome! Browse our courses in the ‘Programs’ menu above.
(613) 601-5254
2664 Lancaster Road, Ottawa, ON, K1B 4T7
Dance Classes Toronto
CCDT and dance classes in Toronto offers dance lessons for dancers of all ages and skill levels. Ballet, contemporary, modern and more.
Dance Classes Toronto
(647) 498-5685
509 Parliament St, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4X 1P3
Dance Lessons Toronto
The competitive dance lessons program is designed for students who are looking to take their dance abilities to the highest level. The competitive program offers classes in tap, jazz, ballet, Hip-Hop, contemporary, and technique.
Dance Lessons Toronto
Downtown, Toronto, ON, M4X 1P3

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